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I Know What You Should Read

Very readable, extremely relatable, engaging, and fun.

Alexander is a fifty-eight-year-old Francophile, who decided that, despite his age (and the fact that "not only does the ability to acquire a second language become greatly diminished after adolescence, but the degradation continues linearly" and studies show that "the dimmest child will become far more proficient in his first language than the smartest adult in his second"), he would spend a year attempting to learn French. In an effort to reach his French-speaking goal, he tried language programs like Rosetta Stone and Fluenz, went to French speaking Meetups, traveled to France multiple times, enlisted the aid of French-speaking conversation partners on mylanguageexchange.com, listened to French radio and watched French TV programs and movies, read French books (with English translations on the facing page), took French classes in the US, and finally spent two weeks at a language-immersion school in France. Throughout the whole process, he documented his failures and successes in this book.